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How to Care for Lighthouse Oysters Upon Delivery

How to Care for Lighthouse Oysters Upon Delivery

Uncategorized 🕔October 4, 2016

Congratulations ­─ you’ve finally done it:  you ordered several dozen of our delicious Lighthouse Oysters, but you need to keep them alive for a day or two before you eat them. Want to know how to care for them to ensure maximum freshness? We thought so. Here are the answers to some of your pressing questions.

How should I store my Lighthouse Oysters?

Immediately upon delivery, refrigerate the oysters in their shells and cover with a damp cloth. Don’t store them in an airtight container ­─ they need some air. Don’t freeze or put them on ice until after you shuck and serve them.

When should I eat my Lighthouse Oysters?

Our oysters are harvested fresh from the Chesapeake Bay within 24 hours of shipping and, if stored properly, will stay alive in their shells up to 10 days. Like any seafood, the sooner you eat them, the better they’ll taste. Examine the shipment upon arrival: any oyster with its shell open prior to shucking is no longer alive and should not be eaten.

How should I eat my Lighthouse Oysters?

We prefer Lighthouse Oysters raw on the half-shell, with a little lemon juice or cocktail sauce. Lighthouse Oysters have a delicious, buttery taste with ideal saltiness for a crisp finish. We recommend chilling them on a bed of ice after shucking, to maximize freshness before eating. For a video lesson in how to shuck an oyster, visit the FAQ page on our website.

We’re proud to deliver delicious, fresh, live Lighthouse Oysters, direct from the Chesapeake Bay. We hope you enjoy them!

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