Lighthouse Oysters

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Why Is It Called Lighthouse Oysters?

Before the days of the internet and GPS, the Chesapeake Bay was a flourishing body of water with multiple lighthouses to guide ships safely around her shallow waterways.

Harkening back to a time when the Bay was more healthy and bountiful, Dr. Oyster chose to honor Chesapeake Bay history with the name Lighthouse Oysters, his oyster growing business located near Reedville, Virginia on the 200-foot pier behind his home. At the end of the pier, Dr. Oyster built a carefully crafted replica of the Great Wicomico Lighthouse, which once stood just one mile from the site.

Together with the customers who support this growing business, Lighthouse Oysters will light the way to a healthier Chesapeake Bay while providing culinary delight to thousands who enjoy these unique, organic oysters.

Does Dr. Oyster Raise 3 Million Oysters All By Himself?

Dr. Oyster’s enthusiasm for the hard, honest work of growing oysters in the waters he loves is contagious. He started Lighthouse Oysters as a one-man operation, but his operation quickly expanded, with several neighbors joining in to help with the detailed sorting, marking and harvesting tasks that require time and devotion.

Each oyster is handled five times between its fledgling “spat” stage, when it’s the size of your pinky fingernail, until it is a full-grown, 3-inch oyster ready for slurping. Lighthouse Oysters double in size about every two weeks when they’re small and must be sorted into larger spaces for healthy growth. The sheer volume of raising 3 million oysters and handling each one five times requires a team of dedicated oyster lovers.


Years of Chesapeake Bay Experience

With so much work to be done, it wasn’t long before Dr. Oyster recruited his cousin, Herb Lewis, to join the operation as a full-time grower to help with the oysters and equipment.

They were soon joined by another retired waterman, Mate Swift, who enjoys working on the water in the early mornings, tending to the oysters and watching the picturesque sunrises.

Jim Hood joined the team as Lighthouse Oysters’ chief salesman and delivery driver, with weekly routes to Washington, D.C.; Annapolis, Maryland; and Richmond, Virginia. As the business grew, Lambert Walker joined Jim on the ever-expanding delivery routes.

With a combined 400+ years of experience on the Chesapeake Bay, the watermen at Lighthouse Oysters grow the most authentic, delicious oysters you’ll ever find. Order yours today to taste the exquisite results our 400+ years of experience provides.