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Lighthouse Oysters remain firm, full-bodied, and delicious all year long.

Lighthouse Oysters remain firm, full-bodied, and delicious all year long.

What are “Year-Round” Oysters?

Lighthouse Oysters are a special breed of oyster that stays firm, full and sweet 12 months a year. You may have heard that you shouldn’t eat oysters in months without an “R” in them, but that is not true of Lighthouse Oysters. Here’s why:

Many oysters spawn in the summer months, leaving the bivalve watery and greatly reduced in muscle mass – and frankly not tasting very good. Thanks to the special breeding of our exceptional year-round oysters, they remain firm and delicious throughout the summer months, when other oysters go limp. Lighthouse Oysters never go limp: they’re full and ready to eat in every season, including summertime when they’re especially delicious with a beer or chilled glass of wine.

Organic by Nature

Lighthouse Oysters are grown in the nutrient-rich waters of the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Great Wicomico River. Because our oysters are naturally disease-resistant, no added chemicals or hormones are necessary for them to achieve a strong, healthy growth rate in their ideal setting, thanks to the constant circulation of algae-rich waters on which they feed.

Where are Lighthouse Oysters Raised?

Our oysters are raised in an idyllic environment at the mouth of the Great Wicomico River where it spills into the Chesapeake Bay near Reedville, Virginia. The salinity of the water measures a perfect 15 parts per thousand (PPT), giving our oysters a satisfying amount of saltiness to balance their sweet, buttery finish.

Oysters are bivalves that naturally purify the waters where they live by feeding on phytoplankton and algae that grow in the top five feet of water. On our 7 acres of dedicated oyster shore where the Great Wicomico River and Chesapeake Bay meet, the tides constantly circulate nutrient-rich water across our oysters in precisely five feet of water. In this nutritious environment, Lighthouse Oysters grow faster, happier, and become more delicious adults than any other breed of oysters raised in less nutritious waters.

Lighthouse Oysters: Beneficial to the Bay

Each oyster filters up to 50 gallons of water per day. With 3 million oysters growing strong, Lighthouse Oysters help to filter a whopping 150 million gallons of Chesapeake Bay water each day. And this benefit has not gone unnoticed by local watermen, who comment that before oysters were grown locally, the water was cloudy. Now, with so many oysters performing this vital filtering function, you can see the bottom of the Bay clearly in six feet of water near Reedville, which was not possible just a few years ago.

The oyster is a small bivalve but when grown in mass, it performs a crucial service that helps keep the Chesapeake Bay healthy for all creatures – be they finned, winged, clawed or shelled – to enjoy for years to come.

How You Can Help?

It’s easy and fun to do your part: ordering Lighthouse Oysters is the easiest way to support our quest to restore the Bay by ordering a few dozen delicious, nutritious, hardworking oysters today! Call today 804.366.7033.